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praxhub is a free and exclusive professional network for medical practitioners and medical students to connect, create and join special interest groups, stay up to date on the most current industry information and access the growing library of CPD-accredited education.

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Interested in contributing content to the praxhub community as a company or health organisation.  Find out more about the benefits of having a Company Page in praxhub and contact the praxhub team today to get started.


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"Sharing is more than just caring. Your shared knowledge and experience may save a life"

Medicine can be a challenging profession, made easier through the depth of your network and the extent to which you can rely on others for support.

Connecting with other doctors and creating a broad, rich, network of peers and experts is critical to having a long and personally fulfilling career; while sharing knowledge and your own experiences – good and bad – serves the higher purpose of achieving better patient outcomes.

Professor Mark Cook
Director of Neurology and Neurosciences
St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne

Join one of Australia’s fastest growing medical networks to connect with other doctors, join or create collaboration groups, watch the growing library of CPD accredited videos and conveniently access important information from industry stakeholders.  praxhub is a free to join and only takes a few minutes to start building your network…

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